Saturday, June 25, 2016

Studio Work :

Hello from my studio!

Summer has arrived and I'm carving out some time to work in my studio...

I dread working in my garage when it gets hot,
keeping cool is a challenge. 

This is a new painting in the works still. 
There is also another one I've started which is a larger canvas.
I'll be sure to post them both when they are finished.

Have a great summer!

I'll be doing two shows in Livermore soon :

Art on the Green - Tuesday, July 12
4:30 - 7pm

ArtWalk Livermore 2016
Saturday, October 8
11am - 5pm

My art to yours,

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Silicon Valley Open Studios

It's that time of year again!!


This year I'll be showing two weekends:
Sat. & Sun. 11am - 5pm
May 7-8 & May 14-15
1438 Callecita Street, San Jose 

You will find my artist profile here,
as well as the whole SVOS directory of artists.

There will be two other artists showing their 
paintings with me.

Yvonne Head: watercolor artist

Linda Taylor: watercolor artist

  So please stop by for some iced tea as you stroll through
Art in the Garden

My art to yours,


Friday, April 1, 2016

Latest Art Work for upcoming shows this Spring :

Spring is finally here,
and it's time to 
share some of my new paintings!

 May is just around the corner,
so I am preparing for my busiest
art show month.

Willow Glen Lifestyles Home Tour
April 30 & May 1

Silicon Valley Open Studios
May 7 & 8
 May 14 & 15

These paintings will be on display and for sale
at my upcoming art shows.
Hope to see you there!

My art to yours,

Friday, February 26, 2016

My first QuiltCon :


I gather my inspiration from different avenues,
and fabric and pattern design is one of my favorites.

 The style of MODERN quilting has always caught my interest.
Probably because I'm not a traditional artist,
and prefer to work in an abstract style.  

This month I attended my first QuiltCon
in Pasadena, California!


I have only made two quilts and assisted my mom on several others,
so I'm just a novice at this.  
Selecting the fabric and choosing the color combinations
to create a composition is so fun.
It's just like creating my COLOR PALETTE for my next painting! 
Besides seeing over a hundred modern quilts on display,
they offer several workshops, lectures and demonstrations.
I was sure to register that day on the hour to get my classes!
They fill up very fast, as this is a very popular and relatively new event.

Here is my Swag Bag full of free goodies from the sponsors.
Carolyn Friedlander designed this years tote bag.
 I think I was naturally attracted to her quilt patterns,
because her background is in architecture, like myself!

   What can I say about Old Town Pasadena, I cant wait to go back!

 An explosion of Color!

 As soon as you walk into the vendor hall, 
you are greeted
with color everywhere!

This is only a sampling of the creative displays from the 
several fabric companies, quilting vendors and designers.

 Here is the talented Melody Miller 
from Cotton & Steel.
Years ago I met her at a Squam Art Retreat
way before she created her company,
such an inspiring designer!


I was so lucky to have Anna Maria Horner
cut my fabric from her new collection.
 She is such a talented and creative designer.
It was wonderful to meet her!  

So here is just a few of my favorite quilts
that were exhibited or displayed in the show.

The quilting designs on the fabric
really adds to the final design.    

I took a class with textile designer, quilter & artist Valori Wells.
She taught us screen printing on fabrics.
This is something I've wanted to try for some time.
This was my favorite class by far!  
We used her screens with her designs,
here is just a couple of the ones I tried.

QuiltCon was a visual abundance of creativity and inspiration for me!

Another treat for me was to finally meet Lotta Jansdotter at her book signing.
I love her clean & contemporary style, her patterns have 
a soft abstract quality to them. 
I can't wait to dive into her book!

 I'll wrap this post with a pic of my stash,
it was so hard to resist a fat quarter of this and that!

So we will see what comes of this trip,
there are things to make and create in the works for me....

My art to yours,


Friday, August 28, 2015

A little about my ART Process :

I haven't posted much about art my process recently.

These are a few close-up photos highlighting
my love for texture on my paintings!

 It all starts with a trip to my favorite art store

On a recent shopping spree at the Blick in San Francisco,
I couldn't resist a pic of my favorite isle...

From the gooey molding pastes
and yummy gels to the gorgeous fluid acrylics,
I love them all!
And frankly, I've tried them all.
I have my favorites for the effects
and techniques I use on my art.
Over time, through experimentation
there are results that I like right now.
Next year, it will probably be different!

A shot from my studio, some of my favorite colors.

 Mixing with Golden's Fluid Acrylics and High Flow
paints is just plain fun, when creating my palettes.
I really push the pigment by adding way too much water,
but I throw in some Glazing Medium to make up for it.
It becomes like a watercolor, even more fluid
and transparent, which is great for layering.

 So why all the fuss with the glazes?  
The thinner and watery my paint is, 
the nicer it settles into my textured "base" on my canvas.
It really shows off all those nooks and crevices 
that I created with the molding paste.
Depending on the type of paste I use,
the paint may get "soaked" up or it may
simply "lay" on top of the surface.

 My line work defines where I will apply color, and
defines the organic and abstract botanicals 
that I've "drawn" onto my textured surface.

Here is my drawing from my sketchbook,
where my inspiration stems from
when starting a painting.

This is my "line work", or my designs.
My lines are loose, but structured.
The shapes are organic, but stylized.
They are Me.

Setting out time to just draw or doodle
in my sketch book 
is an important part of my
art process.  
If I don't make that "time", I can get kind-of grumpy. :)
I need to constantly create,
my mind is always thinking of what to try next.
It doesn't have a switch.
Designing is what makes me the happiest.
Another blog post on that later!
My art to yours,