Sunday, January 4, 2015

Art Ark Gallery Exhibit :

Happy New Year!

This January through February I will have
a few paintings exhibited in the
Silicon Valley Open Studios - "Sneak Preview"
at the Art Ark Gallery in San Jose.

The funny thing about the paintings I had planned on showing 
for the Art Ark Gallery is....

My exhibit at the Top Nosh Cafe was ending soon,
and I had planned to show one of the large 
paintings from the cafe ("Veranda" shown below), 
but low and behold,
I got this wonderful email from someone interested
in buying it!

So thank goodness I had a large canvas primed with texture
all ready to paint!
Note to myself: Always be ready for the unexpected!!

I thought "Veranda" was not going to sell by now, 
and I would be able to show it again. :)

The family that bought it for their beautiful home
couldn't be any nicer.  I hope they send me
a photo when they hang it up!

 While my art was on display at Top Nosh Cafe,
I sold another painting to a wonderful person.

She wanted to buy "Fiesta Bloom" for her boyfriend
for Christmas.  They both go to Top Nosh Cafe 
frequently and he had admired this painting.
So this was a special treat for me to meet her 
and be part of a great gift!

I always love meeting the people who like my
art...words can't describe the personal happiness I get!

Back to the Art Ark Gallery:
Silicon Valley Open Studios - "Sneak Preview"
January 10 - February 6, 2015
Gallery Hours: Saturdays-
January 17, 24 & 31
11am - 4pm

Opening Reception is Sat. January 10, 6pm-9pm

Here's a photo taken after my husband and I hung my art.
The top one is "Veranda II" and next to it
are four 8x8 paintings to compliment it.
"Botanical Rising" is just below it.

My art to yours,