Thursday, January 26, 2012

Doodle for January :

Here is simple ink doodle that 
I created last year...
 It has a bit more personality with the 
cute "postage stamp" frame.
Hope you enjoy!

My art to yours,

"Spring Obsession" here I come!

Earlier this month I submitted a painting that I
created just for an art competition.
I was so thrilled to be accepted!

"Spring Illuminance", 24x36, acrylic
So this Spring I'll be joined with several other artists
competing for their title at the
for the
"15th Annual Spring Obsession Art Competition." 
This will be an extra special weekend for me, as my mother and grandmother will be coming along.  

My art to yours,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Studio Update: loving my new space!

I'm starting off the New Year with many projects
 to build my art business, and to save money is necessary while I accomplish them.
So I've moved out of my lovely large studio at The Alameda Artworks 
and into my custom built space in my home garage.  
Again, I have the most generous husband who put it all together for me; 
mind you, he had to give up some of his prime real-estate in his workspace 
to make this happen for me! 
It has everything I need for now.  
My garage is just as cold as my old studio, but when I open the garage door 
and let the sunshine in, it's much more pleasant to work in.

Even though I still have some more organizing to do, 
I really love how it all turned out. 

My art to yours,