by Yvette Head

On this page you will find images 
of my latest paintings 
and a selection of my older paintings.
The ones that have sold are listed.

If you are interested in my work,
please contact me at

Copyright Yvette Head / Autumn Lane Studios, 2017

Rosaline 24x24

Charlotte's Veil 36x24 SOLD

Save the Day 36x36 SOLD

Around the Corner 24x30 SOLD

Fall Crush 24x24

Hazy Day 20x20 SOLD
Like a Stone 18x24 SOLD
Misty Mauve 20x20 SOLD


Mod Play SOLD

Parade 24x24

Rise Above This 20x16

Sierra's Landscape SOLD

 Within the Moss 28x22 SOLD

Iridescent 15x30 SOLD

 Breeze 18x24 SOLD

 Yesterday's Tomorrow 24x24 SOLD

Veranda 36x36  SOLD

Indigo Blossom 12x16 SOLD

 Melanie's Day at the Park 18x24

Sage Bloom 24x24 SOLD

Dusty Pastel 18x24 SOLD

Green Flora 14x18 SOLD

Gazania Flora, 12x16 SOLD

 Dusty Rose, 24x24 SOLD

 Daphne's Garden, 12x24

 Hidden Cottage, 24x18 SOLD

 Fallen, 20x20 SOLD

Violet Veranda, 24x24 SOLD

On the Veranda, 36x36 SOLD

 Azurine, 12x12 SOLD

Violeta Flora SOLD

 Tayla Botanical SOLD

 Dwelling SOLD

 Sunset Flora SOLD

 Madison's Garden, 12x16 (not for sale)

Sunshine Flora, 24x24 SOLD

 Forget Me Not, 16x20 SOLD

 Marigold, 18x24  SOLD

Serena's Bloom, 20x20 SOLD

Fiesta Bloom, 36x36  SOLD

 Lydia's Bloom, 24x24 SOLD

Withered Terra, 18x24 SOLD

Linden Flora, 14x14 SOLD

Chestnut Tapestry, 18x18

Weathered Sage Bloom, 24x24 NOT FOR SALE

Abstract Botanicals on Paper: 
(Six Shown Below)

 Fuchsia Botanica One, 5x5 SOLD

Fudshia Botanica Two, 5x5 SOLD

Flora Prisms Lilacs, 8x8

Flora Prisms Multi, 8x8 SOLD

Flora Prisms Fuchsias, 8x8

 Small Prisms Lilac, 5x5 SOLD

Cranberry Blossom 1, 8x8 SOLD

Cranberry Blossom 3, 8x8 SOLD

 Modern 70's, 16x20 SOLD

Works on Wood 8x8


Bright Sienna Peony, 24x20

Botanica Amber, 10x10 SOLD

Botanica Green, 10x10 SOLD

 Botanica Sepia 1, 11x14 SOLD

Botanica Sepia 2, 11x14 SOLD

Lacey Orange, 30x30 SOLD

Lilac Bloom, 24x24 SOLD

Kee's Collection, SOLD

 Blue Topaz, 16x20 SOLD

Charlotte's Bloom, 20x20 SOLD

 Hollyhock 1, 15x30 SOLD
Hollyhock 2, 15x30 SOLD

 Solitaire Ivory, 24x24 SOLD

 Prairie Floral, 12x12 SOLD

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