Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Process of Preparing for Art Shows :

Selling art in art shows is a lot of work for artists.
Late this year I participated in 
two very large shows here in the Bay Area.


I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the process:

First you need to be accepted by the jury application process.
Once the great news comes that you've been accepted,
that's when a lot of planning and hard work lies ahead for you!

What size is my booth?
Where is my booth?
What time do I need to be there?
How long does it take to get there?
Where is the nearest Starbucks? 
Is my husband free to help me set up & take down?
I wonder who my neighboring artists are?
Where do I park?
How do I design my booth layout?
How many display panels do I need?
Do I need to buy more zip-ties?
 What am I going to wear?
Which paintings should I bring?
Do I have time to make new paintings?
How many business cards do I have?

This is like a planning a party or some personal event 
that you hope a lot of people will come to.
Will anyone like or buy my paintings?
Did I pack my Square Credit Card Reader?
How hot is the weather going to be?
Don't forget your new battery-operated fan!
What can I eat in my booth that doesn't embarrass me?

I have the best support from my family and friends!
It is the best thing ever, to have them stop by my booth,
bring me a drink and give me a quick break to run to the
port-a-potty! Thank you!

Speaking of port-a-potties, oh, never mind!
Did I pack my hand-sanitizer?

Each of these two shows had thousands of people in attendance.
I had several people walk into my booth, some to admire my
paintings, some to ask about my technique or medium,
and yes, some of them bought my art!

I won't go into some of the strange things that happen
at these art shows!
Like the ladies who walked off with one of my coasters!
The days were long, but I am so glad that I was one 
of the hundreds of artists sitting proudly 
in our little stores 
greeting all of our customers.

To pass the time, I like to draw and doodle 
in my sketch book.
These caught the eye of a new collector.
I took a few quick pics before selling them
hot out of my book!

So now it's time to refocus on how and what
to do better next year.
I've already received some good exposure from just
being at the shows or on the art show web site.
This process was tough but well worth it!

There are some new ideas brewing in my head
on what I hope to accomplish for next year's
season of art shows. 
A girl has to have goals, right?!

Thanks for letting me share!

My art to yours,

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