Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Peek into My Art Studio :

I've always been fascinated to see other artist's studio spaces.
How they organize their supplies, 
what materials they use, and
what unique characteristics they add to make their space personal.

After all we spend a great deal of time in them, 
and it's important to me that my art studio keeps me inspired.

Let me explain, 
I don't have one of those fabulous rooms in my house, 
or in my backyard, nor do I have a lofty space downtown (but I can dream!), 
but I do have a small but amazing space just for me.

You see, my husband very graciously offered me some prime real-estate:
inside our garage = his workshop space!
He opened up a space that is roughly 8x8, just enough room for
my fabulous 8 foot wood work table (that he built for me!)
and some wall panels and desk top (on loan from my brother-in-law).
He left himself just enough room for his workbench and tools.

As you can see, part of my husbands workbench is in the background.
Oh, he's been working on a series of recycled wood birdhouses.
We already have a woodpecker residing in one in our backyard.  

Note I have my own electrical outlet on the wall
for my music player and blow dryer.  There is
also a switch to two lamps on the wall panel. 

My green stained work table is usually covered 
in a plastic sheeting to protect it from messy me.
But I had to show it off today!

Like I said this is prime real-estate so every inch is used wisely!
Every single thing has it's own place.

 Brushes and buckets galore: I use them all and more.

 I try to keep this area dry for my notebooks and such.
The shelves are pretty full with mini works of art to finish.
You can see some of my "doodles" tacked on the wall.

 These plastic bins are an easy way to keep my paints and mediums separate.
I find it helpful to label the lids on the jars for quick reference.

 Some more amazing things my husband built for me, 
are these recycled wood tool boxes.
I designed them after the classic vintage ones.
I painted them in my favorite colors 
and then painted on the numbers.

 I got the idea from my grandfather.  
He had several small white open wood boxes
on a shelf in his workshop organized by numbers he painted on.
Here are two that I kept....

I saved one of the favorite parts of my art studio for last:
There is an 8 foot cloth canvas draped on the wall
above my work table.
It's that personal piece that is the focal point in my studio.
Something I constantly add to with left over paint.
Call it a large sketchbook or a mural in progress,
but it represents that freedom of expression I crave
as an artist, where there are no boundaries.

I love my art studio!

My art to yours,

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